Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Summary of My Old Blog Headlines

Sinclair Fires Washington Bureau Chief of News Department
MMFA Tracks Lies in Stolen Honor
The dismal science bites back
Speech by Billionaire George Soros
Cheney coordinated Halliburton Iraq contract
How a 24-Year-Old Got a Job Rebuilding Iraq's Stock Market
He-Said, She-said Journalism
College Republicans Given Iraqi Budget Director Job - no professional background
Fabricating the Flip-Flopping
Bush Threatens to Veto $87 Billion Iraq Bill
Bush Has Spent only $366 Million Of $20 Billion On Iraq Reconstruction, from the $87 Billion
$87 Billion
Heady U.S. Goals for Iraq Fall by Wayside
Kerry's Record on Veteran's Issues
Kerry-Frist Bill
Kerry's 1971 Testimony Before Congress
Typically Insane Press Briefing
Kerry on Iraq: What He Voted For and What Bush Did, part 2
Kerry on Iraq: What He Voted For and What Bush Did
Kerry on Iraq: What He Voted For
Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia
Supply Side Economics Jesus
Al Gore and the Creation of the Internet
FBI Translator Bribed
Richard Clarke Interview from Salon
Michael Moore's Letter to George Bush
Dick Cheney's Legislative Accomplishments
Army War College Report

Despite the defensiveness with which the Kerry campaign is treating this famous testimony, if you watch it, I think you will come away with a much higher opinion of Kerry (not to mention see how misplaced the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are in scapegoating Kerry): 1971 Testimony Before Congress

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