Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Libby Commutation

Something about this event has really shocked me and disturbed me more than any Bush tactic of the past year. The last "event" was the troop escalation ("too little, too late" in my estimation) but Bush's commutation of Libby'sentence really goes beyond that. That was played out for the country to see. This whole affair has been occupying a different zone, one that was excruciatingly slow to play out, but there was some sense of justice, meager it be, at the end. OR SO I THOUGHT! I thought at least Bush would have the decency to wait until the end of his Presidency. But to come minutes after the announcement of the judicial review (or whatever it was that determined Libby's jail time could not wait for further appeals to go through)... this is SO sticking a finger in the eye of anyone who takes this country seriously.

So here our my suggestions for civil disobedience, because standing on a street corner with signs just ain't cutting it.

1. Storm the studios of your local news bureau. Geez, finally the blue state demographics pay off (NYC, we are waiting for you to take action!).

2. A general strike. I wonder why this hasn't come up yet. What would it be like if only the CEO's and top level managers reported to work?

3. Scoop up every PERJURY conviction in the country and demand Bush pardon any offenders who ALSO HAVE A FAMILY (like Libby).

If ever an action on the part of the Bush Admin called SPECIFICALLY for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, this is it, given the nature of the charge...flouting the legal system.

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