Friday, August 3, 2007

The Big Lie Machine

Disturbing point made by this blogger on DailyKos

In 2000 their man was a braggart and a bully while their opponent was a man who was almost universally recognized to be one of the most fundamentally honest and decent men in government. And so they impugned his character and ran of a platform of returning integrity to the office.

In 2004 their man was the same braggart, and a man who had dodged the draft. Their opponent was a bona fide war hero.

They impugned his masculinity and his courage.

This year, they don’t have their candidate yet (though they have decided who ours should be -- a point I will touch on later). But recent events suggest that they have decided on their strategy. Having created an environment of corruption and greed unmatched since the Harding administration, and having paralyzed government with obstructionism, and having utterly destroyed our nation’s standing in the world and having stretched our military to the breaking point, what could they possibly run on?

Clean, effective government and responsible foreign policy.

Think they won’t try it?

Think again.

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