Monday, February 4, 2008

Democratic Primary: Choice Between Two Messages

My Thoughts on Primary Voting
1. I'm not a big fan of the primary season because I like to keep focused on the main goal, beating the Republicans. That being said...

2. Americans tend to underestimate the importance of political party. Whoever wins in November, no matter what their individual style may be, matters far less than what party they are in. Their party affiliation determines advisors, cabinet, and a zillion other things. Therefore, it used to make sense to me that the number one issue in a primary is....

3. Electibility. That was until 2004. I backed Kerry on ELECTIBILITY. So much for that notion. Actually, don't throw ELECTIBILITY out the window, but just realize that it is not a guarantee. Especially this year when the opponent is not known (and electibility is always RELATIVE to the other candidate), it is like trying to hit a misssile with another missile.

4. Obama's message is UNITY among Republicans and Democrats. Some folks might have a short memory, but I recall how Bill Clinton had that message in the first years of his presidency. He was bending over backwards to include the Republicans (he put REPUBLICANS in his CABINET!!). How did they pay him back for this? I would squirm when he was attacked by Republicans and did not fight back (at least publically)...

5. Hillary's message is we have a lot of repair to do after the damage of the Bush years. This is the mood I am in.

I swear, I had not read Paul Krugman's January 28 Op-Ed before I posted the above. Amazing coincidence, though. So, I encourage a reading of Lessons of 1992.

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