Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jeremiah Wright Story Clears Away Muslim Myth

I might have just not been paying attention, but has anyone remarked on how one very good consequence of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright story has probably done Obama an invaluable service. There was a whole demographic out there...the ones who, at most, read the headline of the paper on the way to work, or just watch local TV news, who generally don't follow any politics...but might in fact vote... who still thought Obama was a Muslim, and likely were not going to vote for him because of that. And given the way this demographic gets their news, no amount of concerted effort could really disuade them of the notion.

So, does the more we hear about the Rev. Wright story (which pundits say will be brought up again by the GOP) actually help Obama in this regard?

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman is back from vacation!!!

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