Monday, March 11, 2013

On Immigration

This is by P.Gold:
"The devil is in the details--most people want immigrants to be treated fairly--but what about not enforcing fair labor laws and what about allowing 11 million illegal immigrants (which equates to about 7.5 % of the American work force) to work legally in the USA--when there is 14.5 unemployment in America. Immigration negatively impacts on the American labor market and negatively impacts wages and job conditions for everyone. Already we have seen the ill effects of jobs going overseas to third world workers. Deregulation here would just exacerbate the problem. JCUA says its a partner with the "Fair" Immigration Movement --(FIR) FIR wants all 11 million illegal immigrants to work in the USA quickly. You can talk about how the average Mexican is better off by taking a low wage job here vs. a no wage job in Mexico--or the average Chinese person is slightly better off with a job that used to be here---the fact is they are not much better off--and they are only slightly better off at great expense to the working class in America all to the benefit to the world bourgeois. As we have seen already the move of American jobs to China has benefited the bourgeois at the expense of the working class. Social justice should be evaluated at how it impacts society as a whole and with an eye to all the effects--not just how it impacts one aspect of society. Social Justice does not mean removing one bad policy in exchange for another. Social Justice should be about shared responsibility --but the proposal to allow 11 million illegal immigrants to work in the USA benefits the bourgeois at the expense of the working class--by putting downward pressure on the labor market. 20 years ago the same kind of well-meaning people we see in the picture were marching for the Free Trade Act--we see where that got the world's workers. I'm afraid those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Helping 3rd world workers is a noble ideal --but we have to find a way to do this without driving down the working class in America--America has been great and a driver of the world economy because of its strong middle class --helping the world's downtrodden on the backs of working people in the USA is not the answer. The solution to world poverty is not allowing third world people to compete for American jobs in a laissez -faire manner but in a way that allows world peoples to enjoy work at standards most Americans enjoyed before the Free Trade Act and ensures that American work standards are not brought down. We must not achieve parity by bringing America down to third world standards (wake up and smell the coffee because that's what's happening). Rather, third world workers must be brought up to the standards that had recently existed here. JCUA should be opposed to immigration "reform" packages that call for the 11 million illegal immigrants to be able to fast track to being legal workers here. Liberals should stop being for equality when it means equally bad or equally worse---or as in this case equally worse for a segment of society while another segment exploits the policy to its advantage. Instead, liberals should embrace what could be done for progress holistically."

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