Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Left Has Won the Culture Wars

Democrats and others of the Left, a group I have felt solidarity with the majority of my life, I have a message for you:  Science, which "fucking love", has concluded (conclusively, to the best of my knowledge) that happiness and contentment is based primarily on Expectations.  This has pretty phenomenal consequences, if you stop and consider all the implications.  This is why humans who still live in hunter-gatherer communities are no less happy than those of us that live in modern societies.  This also means that as a privileged class loses privilege, which you know (supposedly) is inevitable due to demographic changes (no matter how desperately they try to cling, futilely, to power), it is as painful as your rise in power is joyful.  The only purpose served by your crowing about how pathetic they are is to slap each other on the back and whip yourselves up into a self-reinforcing frenzy, while simultaneously antagonizing your opponents.  Why can't we be Good Winners?

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